Crude Glycerine

Crude Glycerine

Crude Glycerine is a natural by-product produced during the biodiesel production process, specifically taking place during transesterification. For every 100 pounds of biodiesel produced, approximately 10 pounds of crude glycerol are produced. Various methods for disposal and utilization of this crude glycerol have been attempted, including combustion, composting, anaerobic digestion, animal feeds, and thermochemical/biological conversions to value-added products.

We offer Crude Glycerine ranging from as low as 50% to as high as 95%. Most popular & widely used grade is CG 80% which means 80% of Glycerol & rest 20% is composed of water, methanol, MONG and ash.

Product Offer

ProductCertificateSalt TypeFeedstockGlycerolWater %Mong %Ash %
Crude GlycerineKosherNaClVegetable oilMin 90%Max 12%Max 3%Max 7%
Crude GlycerineKosherNaClVegetable oilMin 80%Max 15%Max 3%Max 7%
Crude GlycerineNon-KosherNaClVegetable oilMin 80%Max 15%Max 3%Max 7%
Crude GlycerineNon-KosherNaClUCOMin 80%Max 15%Max 3%Max 7%
Crude GlycerineNon-KosherNaClUCOMin 75%Max 15%Max 3%Max 7%
Crude GlycerineNon-KosherNaClVeg oil/ UCOMin 70%Max 15%Max 3%Max 7%
Crude GlycerineNon-KosherSulphateVeg oil/ UCOMin 70%Max 15%Max 3%Max 7%

Packaging Formats

Flexibags & Isotanks

Flexibags & Isotanks

In 20 feet containers packed in flexi tanks of capacity appx. 21 metric tons each. Basis of shipment in containers can be CIF destination or FOB as required.

Bulk Shipment

Bulk Shipment

In bulk shipment of 1,500 to 5,000 metric tons per shipment directly from shore tanks available for loading at port. Basis of bulk shipment will be FOB only.

Various uses of Crude Glycerine

Animal Feeds
Cosmetics Industries
Bio Gas
Crude Glycerine

Where does Crude Glycerine come from?

Bio Diesel: Various Production Methods

Most of the biodiesel produced today is done with the base catalysed reaction. This catalyst being used splits the oil into glycerine and biodiesel.The glycerin produced at this stage is crude glycerin and is about 80% pure, but still contains contaminants like soap, methanol and water. In order to turn this crude glycerin into a technical or pharmaceutical grade product, a refining purification process must take place.

There are three basic methods to biodiesel production:

  • Base catalysed transesterification of the oil.
  • Acid catalysed transesterification of the oil.
  • Conversion of the oil to its fatty acids and then to biodiesel.